Synced Culture

The Founder's Story




The origins begin with Leo Garcia. In 2007 he had a life changing experience. He was sent out by Horizon International for 7 months to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas as an Associate Director for an Evangelistic event at the local soccer stadium. When God used him to network with over 250 churches who came together as one for the gospel, it changed him for ever. The result was 90,000 people attending and 9,000 people receiving Jesus as their Lord and savior. Ever since then, Leo knew the potential that Christianity has when we come together as one. After 8 mission trips, being on staff at local Schools of Ministry and serving on the Pastoral team both at The Rock Church and Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, he became a pastor at a Calvary Chapel in San Diego in 2010. During that time he, other pastors and friends continued to spread oneness by bringing youth groups together for the next 3 years. With time, that developed into the planing conversations of something more concrete and global which became Synced Youth in 2013. After toiling for Christian global oneness and hosting gatherings for the years to come, they did their last Synced Youth gathering in April 2015. Leo and the team were led by the Holy Spirt to rethink Synced Youth into more of a broad age range. Because oneness is for all ages. "As the conversations and meetings continued with the team, we were lead to start fresh and launch as Synced Culture."  They continued the global focus and held their first gathering on July 11th, 2015! With growing conviction, a burden for the social media generation and after 9 months of prayer between him and his wife. God called Leo to walk by faith and step out of his role at the congregation and to step into a being a pastor to the social media generation and pioneer Synced Culture full time. With Leo overseeing this movement full time in 2016, it has allowed him to spend more time in prayer and focus on the overall movement. Synced Culture has become what it is today because God is in it, the countless volunteer hours by the team and Leo's fervency to answer Jesus' prayer for oneness in John 17. "This is a global calling and we invite you to become the movement." Outside of Leo passion for discipleship and the Word of God. He is a creative and figures out a way to stay creative even in the midst of having a few plates spinning at once. Whether it's homeschool projects with his children, creating bass music, photography or visual storytelling. Please keep this family in your prayers. He has a wife and 4 children and they're living by faith through missionary financial support by friends and family. Prayerfully consider partnering with this movement through the "Give" tab.