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Synced culture reflections

We invite you to Synced Culture Reflections. It is a safe place for you to share your thoughts. The concept at its root is simple: we want you to pick one word and write about it. 


The power that a single word holds is too often undermined. Take for example, words like TRUST. LOVE. BELIEF. CONNECTION. They hold so much weight. We don’t want you to become Webster’s Dictionary and define these words in some eloquent way. Rather use them as a catalyst to dig deeper into your own story. Write about the heartbreak, the chaos, the beauty, and the confusion that one word draws to the surface. 


We’re not going to tell you which word to reflect upon. It is up to you. But we do ask that you be intentional. Here are the guidelines to help you with the process: 


1. You will post this on your personal instagram account. Don't take it personal or be disheartened if your reflection doesn't get chosen. We'll be sifting through hundreds of them and we'll only be posting 2-3 a week.  


2. Always start with the word you select as the title and in all caps followed by 2 forward slashes. For example, if you choose the word joy. Always start it like this: JOY // 


3. Begin by choosing one word and personally reflect and share how you have been meditating on it. Keep it vulnerable because it allows others to connect with you and God. Make this your first paragraph.


4. End your writing by reflecting on what the Bible and God says about that word at the end of your reflection. Quote the verses that you drew the biblical response to your reflection from. Make this your second paragraph. 


5. Keep the story to about 1300 characters. Due to Instagram Character limits and our staple outro writing, we have to put limits on the character usage. If you go over we won't be able to share it.


6. And finally use our the hashtag #SyncedCultureReflections and #SyncedCulture on your post so that we can discover it and pair it with someone else’s photo. This will help us create a community of collaboration while keeping our branding and aesthetics consistent. 


You need to be heard. There is not another like you. Feel the freedom to lament, but please know that our thoughts must also rub right alongside Truth. Don’t forget God in this process. Reflect on what He has to say about the word you choose.


Please help us share it by tagging your friends to the post on instagram and sharing the video on Facebook.


We are one.