Synced Culture


Synced Culture

is a harmonious collective of people from around the world that use social media to cultivate societies that reshape culture by the gospel.


To reshape culture by the gospel.


To connect the global church through social media.


To inspire 1 million people to reshape their local culture by the gospel.


Love God above anything else.

Love people as yourself.



Community Influence


Based on Instagram Stats





1st Millennials

2nd Generation X

3rd Generation Z

*Our goal is to get Generation Z equivalent or higher than millennials



57 % Women

43 % Men

How do we get more men for a balanced account?




15, 391 Depression by Ben Courson

12, 317 Natural Disasters

12,219 Pastor Teacher by Landon McDonald

10,948 Sara's Urban Backdrop Portrait

Conclusion - Reflection/Topical Posts are more popular than photography. 

Photography, let's pay attention to what the community likes.



1,315 Eclipse by Dominic Done 

1,257 Natural Disasters

976 Depression by Ben Courson

861 Pastor Teacher by Landon Mc Donald

762 Sara's Urban Backdrop Portrait

Conclusion - Natural Disasters aren't as common as Idols/Pain Relational Posts. Depression takes the win. Sara's photo is something we can achieve more easy. Let's consider this type of photography.



12, 395 Depression by Ben Courson

10,070 Pastor Teacher by Landon McDonald

9,168 Natural Disasters

8,887 Sara's Urban Backdrop Portrait

Conclusion - Depression Theme post wins again with Urban Photo coming in at 3rd place.



1,385 Eclipse

1,384 Natural Disaster

1,157 Depression by Ben Courson

943 Pastor Teacher by Landon McDonald

791 Sara's Urban Backdrop Portrait

Conclusion - Natural Disasters and Eclipse aren't common so we have to consider Depression for the win again. Sara's Urban Portrait photography and when you don't count the eclipse and hurricane photo,  Reflection/Topics win as a common style of post 5 out 5 but in the 5 there's 3 featured photos and 2 livestreamers. Topics with graphics win again.


Saved Photos

108 Depression by Ben Courson

83 Natural Disaster

56 Pastor Teacher Livestream Landon McDonald

49 Patience Reflection 

Conclusion - Depression wins again. There's 7 Reflections/Topics on this list and 3 livestreamers. The other 2 photos are natural phenomenon. Again Topics and livestreams have more saved photos than anything. Photography didn't even make the cut on this list! 



103 Limitless by Whitney Whitaker

74 Reflections Launch Video

73 Depression by Ben Courson

59 Community Conference

45  Patience Reflection


Conclusion - Another reflection took the win and the most common type of post are reflection themes. There are 6 reflections, 2 videos, 2 natural phenomenon photos and 1 Synced announcement post with Haley. 



Toni Valentini got the most story swipe ups ever which causes people to watch the livestream archive. I don't have the final number cause the stats for stories expire after 14 days. It was effective because she did something we've never done before. She used stickers and Boomerang Loops video. Don't ask me why, but our community loves that stuff. Let's inform our livestreamers to keep doing that. 

Marketing Strategy 2018


Reshaping Culture by the Gospel using visuals


In conclusion based on our instagram stats and what our community prefers. Our posting strategy for 2018 needs to adapt our communities needs and wants. Themed reflections/Idols post with graphics is going to be what we'll use to role out the "Reshape Culture by The Gospel" vision casting followed by actually reshaping through our post which will include specific topics addressing areas in our lives that we need to reshape by the gospel, followed by empowering people to reshape their local culture through action. 



The Reshape Culture by the gospel photography will be a select few, photographers capturing tons of photos for us that we can use before our launch. The style and branding that we're going to use will be very intentional and will send a message out to the world that we have intention and vision by our visual message and content. Based on Sarah's Urban Backdrop Photo and stats on instagram, the original branding of synced culture which was urban, spray paint art, dusty, grimy yet covered with beauty is a representation of making something beautiful out of dust, retouching an urban wall is reshaping the look of it which adds to the culture of the town. The branding of our photos will be people in front of walls or architecture with shapes, colors and structures. Something like the photos you've seen above on this website. We will plan out each post for minimum of the 1st quarter if not half the quarter. We need to create a calendar of post before officially launching. Content will be discussed below but it shall be created ahead of time by our livestreamers, and people that get referred to us by word of mouth. 


Synced Culture'S first photo posts

I find it interesting that our very first post was intentionally created by finding beauty in urban areas. We wanted to show that there's culture anywhere as well as beauty anywhere. He makes something beautiful out of dust, was the heart behind it and fast forward to the most like photo that wasn't a reflection or livestream was Sara's Urban Backdrop photo. I think people can relate more with these backdrops than the beautiful wanderlust landscapes. Although God's creation is majestic and amazing to behold, most people don't have the money to travel and see these places. Urban photography is something the 99% can relate to because it's reality and what we see everyday. Now add shapes, color and a male or female model and that's our branding strategy.


These are some examples of photos that we'll be creating to do our major "Reshape Culture by the Gospel" rebranding shift.



Strategies/Plan of attack

Our strategy is driven by reshaping the local culture through gospel centered influence in areas that create cultures and societies. All of these areas will be filtered through exposing the idolatry and demonic influence and then reshaping these roles by a gospel centered approach.





Creative Arts

Meeting Needs




  • Prayer
  • Unity
  • Content Creation
  • Exposing Idols and Truth
  • Reflections & Confession Features
  • Blogs
  • Live Stream Mobilizing 
  • Intentional Photography
  • Intentional Videography
  • Engagement 

Leadership Discipleship

  • Global Devotions
  • Multiplication
  • Raising Leaders across the country
  • Studying the word together




  • Ambassador/Speakers for Synced Culture
  • Pick your message to the world




  • Daily presence of the gospel.
  • Featuring Photographers and Models
  • Spoken Word
  • Videos



  • San Diego
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Lynchburg
  • Philadelphia 
  • New York
  • Cape Town
  • Lagos



  • Calvary Youth Pastors Conference - Murrieta 
  • Calvary Pastors Conference - Costa Mesa
  • One Youth Movement - Guatemala
  • Together 2018 - Texas 
  • Worship Leaders Conference - Murrieta 




1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter 

4th Quarter