L I V E is one of the main ways we get to sync and connect with you! We love to engage with our community through sharing live broadcasts. One way we do this is by hosting 30 minutes Q&A Sessions with Entrepreneurs and Brands, as well as 5-7 minute live broadcasts of scripture teaching by Pastors, Missionaries, Ministry Leaders and Entrepreneurs from around the world. These live broadcasts are currently being done using the Periscope app, so follow us there for instant live access. After the live videos end, they are transferred to Facebook. If you missed a day you can always stay up to date via Facebook. Expect to get comforted, encouraged and challenged in your faith. The time is now for us to be synced through the words of our Father in heaven and what better way to do that than instantly through the live technology we have today. There are daily themes, Monday - Friday, that encourage us to grow spiritually in all aspects of our lives. Watch leaders from around the world share live scriptures, stories and real life applications. Scroll down to find the links to the live-broadcast archives of 2016.


Synced Culture Q&A Sessions are live broadcasts of Questions and Answers. From time to time we partner with specific culture changing brands or movements that are looking to change the world through different mediums. We believe that part of syncing the global Christian culture is to bring awareness to what God is doing through His people around the world.  We host these Q&A sessions through Facebook Live. The best way to watch these is to go follow our page on Facebook and subscribe to events so that you get a notification of our next Q&A Session. You can also subscribe to our email list! All Q&A Sessions will be archived at link in the button below!

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Monday we broadcast live biblical practices by entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders. This is a great series for the business leader and the marketplace employee.  Click the button below for the video archives.


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Tuesday we broadcast live teachings by leading apologists from around the world. This is a great theme for those with questions about their faith and for those looking to grow in giving a reason for their hope. Click the button below for the video archives.


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Wednesday we broadcast live biblical teachings by women around the world who are crushing it for the Kingdom. This is an amazing weekly theme hosted by the ladies but encouraging for the men as well.  Click the button below for the archives.

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Wednesday we also broadcast live scripture teaching and songs by Worship Leaders around the world. This is a great way to hear the songs that God is giving to our brethren across the world. Click the button below for the archives.


Thursday we broadcast live scripture teachings by pastors around the world. This is an inspiring weekly series where we get to hear from those who love to teach and have a shepherd's heart. Click the button below for the archives.

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Friday we broadcast live biblical discussions about faith in culture by leaders around the world. With global authorities and culture drastically changing in this generation, this topic is a much needed discussion. Click the button below for the archives.


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