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Heart Eyes NYC

#HeartEyesNYC is our first of its kind of many meet-up's across the country. It's a gathering about gospel centered global changing conversations and a photowalk experience alike. With the intention of not only taking photos of one another but of strangers also. We believe that everyone has a beautiful story no matter the difference in skin color, ethnicity, gender, economic class, age or IQ. We’re all created for a purpose and in the image of God. In this digital age where we are so “connected” online, we often are too distracted by our mobile devices and we forget to have conversations with people that we come across every day. Heart Eyes will be an excuse to get creative with people we meet and get to know strangers through a creative realm, listening to their stories and by switching on our “Heart Eyes” to see people with an eternal perspective. “God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has put eternity in the hearts of mankind” Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:11‬a ⠀

Join us on May 12th! Starting our meet up at 1pm at Brooklyn Bridge Park, meeting at The Neighbors Cafe. Begining the day with talks on seeing New York through the eyes of love by Jimmy Schauerte, a crash course on Modeling, Mobile Phone & DSLR Photography by Toni Valentini, and how to create an online community by SYNCED CULTURE’s founder Leo Garcia. Following our short talks, we'll walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, New York for some practical application and an awesome Photowalk! It's literally history in the making!⠀


This is an invitation for the explorer, the introvert and the extrovert, the curios or creative, the ones who like to be in front or behind the camera and the ones wanting to learn something new. Be prepared to walk and take the subway! Bring some water and snacks to share. Please take a moment to share this and invite your friends by inviting them by tagging them on our Instagram post.


Thanks to our friends at Calvary Chapel Bible College New York City for sponsoring and making this happen! ⠀


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