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Sarah Crist #SyncedStories


#SyncedStories by Sarah Crist. "I had the opportunity to be a part of a SYNCED CULTURE gathering in Sacramento. It was honestly one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had with people who were total strangers. As an introvert it is difficult to burst out of my metaphorical shell but Synced Culture created such a welcoming space where I was able to meet so many like minded creative individuals. I was reminded that everyone is looking for their purpose in life and if you’re being called to pursue your passion then you must DO IT! As creatives, in our own form, we often limit what we’re capable of cultivating out of fear of failure or not being as good as the next person. If this sounds like something you have been struggling with or you are in need of some inspiring words, these meet-ups are for you. From one introvert to another (or extrovert) you won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet fellow creatives! Not only will your heart and creativity tank be full before you leave but you’ll have some new people to call friends!" -xoxo Sarah Christ - Oh Honey, Bee Inspired

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