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Sarah Anarna #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Sarah Anarna "Being vulnerable and sharing from the heart rather than just my head has always been difficult for me. Connecting it with dance, a passion of mine that I very much hold as a part of me, makes it even harder at times. But participating in the SYNCED CULTUREGathering and taking that step of faith by revealing how imperfect I am, and sharing a bit of my rawness whether in words or in dance reminded me of how God really turns everything that happens to us into good. It was a reminder of how much greater He is than my past or my wounds. And that though not everyone in the world may understand, there will be people who will still find you beautiful in your raw moments. That your vulnerability may help encourage and water seeds of healing even when we're not sure how. And sometimes, that healing may even be within ourselves. Freedom can be found in sharing and vulnerability. 

We Are One
Photo by @Enoch Ku