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Samantha Baker #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Samantha Baker "Last Saturday, I was able to attend the first @SyncedCulture Gathering in my hometown of #Sacramento, CA. Looking back, I am so grateful the day that SC had followed me on Instagram. Seeing all the talented creatives at this meet up, listening to their stories of their walk with Christ and how their talents are what He has blessed them with. Being able to even be in the presence of all of these people, was such a wonderful evening full of positive vibes, and amazing people. It's crazy what God does in each of our lives, making each day, each chapter, something worth living for. I'm glad I was able to share a little bit about myself, my journey through filmmaking, and my relationship with Christ. Thank you Leo and the rest of the SC crew for having me."-
We Are One

Photo by @DonLeoGarcia