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Michaela Garcia #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Máchala Garcia "In one way or another, I have heard the following from nearly every person in my life: "Ugh, I'm just not creative" or I'm not an artist" or "I have no talent." When I hear that, I become very sad—not because it's true—but because the person telling me that seems to have no idea of their obvious gifting and all that flows from it.

Society as a whole has appointed itself the authority to define "art" (the very definition of which requires a subjective experience) in a strictly objective way. Early on we learn that coloring inside the lines is better, because that's what we're told. Such & Such Magazine tells us that this particular mixed-media painter applies a methodology to their work so profoundly unique that it's worth nothing short of $100,000. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fine arts. But ultimately I think we've forgotten to ask: who holds the standard for leveling worth with beauty? Or at least, why is there a standard?

Synced Culture is a movement seeking to counter what society tells us creativity is supposed to look like. It's a group of individuals who believe that, holistically, art and creativity are what fan the flames (or embers) of passion and who you meet along the way. Think of it like this: the greatest work of art that you will ever leave behind is your life, and the creative process is the way in which you choose to live it. Therefore, art can come in the form of anything from brush strokes to empathy. It is both timeless and dynamic. The relationship between the self and creativity is the very force within the past, present, and future. We do not exist without it."

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