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Haley Montgomery #SyncedStories

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#SyncedStories by Haley Montgomery Dall at Cultivate Ocean Beach by Synced Culture "Honesty is lovable in theory, but brutal is its practice... it is messy, painful, vulnerable, scary, unknown, and suspended. Cultivating relationships that are healthy and rooted in this is so difficult. Cultivating creativity from honesty is also just as difficult. I don't have all the answers and I haven't arrived, but I desire this more and more.

There seems to be a parallel, in my opinion, between how honest we live in-relationship with others and our ever changing ability to honestly create. This is a bitter mirror for me most days. I see the gaps and all the ways I want to be secure in my craft and in communion with God and others. I see my lack and, with it, the reality of the Gospel. I see Christ. I am encouraged at the sight of a room full of us--hopeful and scared dreamers and Jesus-seekers. It doesn't make the mess go away, no. We're still in it, but we remember that we are in it together.

As we lay out our worn out brushes and voices; our tired bodies from a day of trailblazing; our honest confessions of all the ways we fail to meet God's holy standard, fail each other, fail ourselves and cannot attain the pedigree and love of men; we remember together our refuge, Jesus, died for these... These moments. These bloody moments. These empty seasons, these desperate days.

How great is the love of God--a love that covers sin and our worst failure. It is a love that allows us to lift our heads and not be doomed in shame.
We remember: as the people of God, His beloved children, we belong to Christ, the King who will not let us go or be lost. We remember: all we have is Christ and His grace bestowed upon us, the strength of His spirit within us. We remember: we are not living anymore to satisfy the desires of the flesh, but we run with one goal in mind: "to do the will of the Father." We remember: we are not own and we have been bought with the precious blood of Christ. We remember: we are not islands unto ourselves, but members of one body, one Church, in Christ Jesus." Soli Deo Gloria.

We Are One

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