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Bianca Poezyn #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Bianca Poezyn " Cultivate Ocean Beach by Synced Culture was my third gathering with SYNCED CULTURE and I am also honored to be part of the team. It still amazes me how everything happens on the day. It takes all the preparation and planning to make that day amazing. Synced Culture does this not for themselves but for the people. It definitely shows on the night of the event. The heart of Synched Culture beats to the heart of the people. It’s a about bringing people together (WE ARE ONE) and helping each other grow and succeed, whether it's business or personal. Synced Culture does such an incredible job of making you feel known! Synced Culture is growing slowly while laying a solid foundation for the people. The one thing I absolutely love most about this movement is it is focused on the heart of God which ultimately beats to the heart of People. The gatherings are only going to grow and I am excited to see what happens! Come join us, wherever you are. WE ARE ONE!" - 
We Are One

Photo by @DonLeoGarcia