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Ben Dulay #SyncedStories

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#SyncedStories by Ben Dulay "We want to cultivate what’s most essential in our lives: love, family, joy, balance, etc. We want to dig our roots deeper than the surface in order to see these values sprout and mature. But sometimes it is a challenge in itself to discover how and where to cultivate it. A desire is one thing; a result is another. believe SYNCED CULTURE does well in fostering this. I have been involved with a good handful of their gatherings now. But this last Cultivate Ocean Beach by Synced Culture gathering felt different. It brought upon a rawness that felt comfortable to step in - for I knew that I wasn’t alone. All night long, people kept repeating the word “process,” a word that has been on repeat in my life as of late. This word resonated for me. Suddenly, I realized why I needed to be there. Yes I was asked to lead a watercolor & espresso art workshop. Yes I took photos and modeled to help produce conduct for the event. And yes I was asked to speak in front of everyone (something that still to this day, I’m in “process”). I managed to do all of those things. However, I entered a space that took into consideration of our humanness. It didn’t come down to a performance. Rather, it welcomed the one and the all. Because we are all in process. We can’t walk in the door with life fully figured out. It’s the moment we are in the door that the cultivating of soil and deepening of our roots happens. This night was for me. This night was for us. This night we cultivated the essentials of a community. Thanks for listening!"
We Are One

Photo: Brianna Astleford
Model: Ben Dulay