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Mingo Palacios #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Mingo Palacios "Inspiration is a elusive thing. It comes in like the clouds. Sometimes it’s gone before you even have a chance to notice its presence… but sometimes it settles in, gains atmospheric momentum, and when the conditions are right, it’s holding capacity is breached and it begins to pour.

The community and heartbeat of the Synced Culture family is a lot like this pouring process. Inspiration comes and goes through the minds and hearts of so many individuals. Sometimes there’s a catalyzing element that pushes it past a “great idea” or an “imagine if” moment, and an invisible atmospheric momentum feeds it, calls it, beckons it to pour.

Our intentionality in gathering is for that "pour moment". Some speak, some display, some shoot, some listen… but we all pour. We all harness our greatest what-ifs and present them collectively for the chance to see them poured out. Flooding every landscape yet untouched. Triggering more inspiration. More momentum. More chances to pour out our best for the communities we love so dearly. This is what we as a movement live for. We are ONE BODY, divinely inspired, relentlessly pursuing the moments when we can pour out the best of what’s been building up inside of each of our hearts. Fearless. United. Full of Momentum."

Go follow Mingo as he tours around the country in Saddleback Church's Purpose Driven Church R.V. Talking with pastors and leaders about ministering in this generation.

We Are One

Photo by our brother Leo Garcia