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Haley Montgomery #SyncedStories

#SyncedStories by Haley Montgomery Dall

Synched Culture reflection: creating together, confessing to one another

{I'm continuing to learn} the more our story is woven into the stories of the people around us, the better we all are for it. This is TRUE On a lot of levels, but mainly in experiencing the power of the Gospel, Christ himself. Confessional community // Living And sharing the ins and outs. If you have only ever seen me in one environment or light, your perception of me would be one way. Incomplete. Warped. This is very easy to do in today's culture- a social media world, built on perception. The temptation and tendency to hide our being known is at a all time high, especially with so many opportunities to filter and control how we are perceived and How we see ourselves. I ponder: We kid ourselves thinking we can disguise or vail our faces with God.

All that to say, it isn't realistic for everyone to be your best friend.... but the @synchedculture family and values are encouraging me to live and create vulnerably. All glory be to Christ.

As the artist / & or / believer - becomes reconciled to this Way of being, or existing... we see a more complete, full, and accurate picture of ourselves in light of who God is. As believers we reflect Christ is this! A dual discovery. The possibilities of expression captured in art become vast and more clear. Deeper and more profound, as well as an integrated part of the day. Ordinary. I believe this natural causes a running together and not apart. I'm being Humbled as i listen and I am transformed on the journey. And so we continue to - Gather. Share. Capture.

So- We inch a bit closer to heaven and to God in all of His Glory. This is where my earnest and intensional desire to create with people GOD BRINGS along the way stems from. I come to believe more and more in His providential kindness in these relationships. They are ordained, beautiful moments of discovery.

In the creative community, out of fear or defense, we can act so territorial or individualistic. The temptation is great to compete or set up competition between each other rather then walk along side each other. I just don't want to live like that. I probably am that which I hate, all on my own. But Because of Christ and the effectual work of the Holy Spirit in me, I am palpably grieved by this. It has become hard to stomach living by that standard. This is God grace to me, us. In Walking open handed with my brother and sisters and fellow artists, I am hopeful we will see genuine ministry of reconciliation and experience the joys of both the broken days and victories together. All glory be to Christ.

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We Are One

Photo by our brother Leo Garcia