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Statistics show that teens spend an average of 9 hours on Social Media. That's alarming. At this rate there's no going back. So we came up with a plan to be present where people are and to connect with people. There are Jesus followers all around the world. That's why we've created a space for us to sync up. Join us in this global initiative to answer Jesus' prayer for oneness in John 17 and to reshape culture by the Gospel. Let's inspire 1 million believers to reshape culture by the gospel. We live in a world where we can connect beyond email and text message. Social Media has allowed us to get to know each other's stories on a deeper level through the photos we share and the posts we create. As the years go by, we get to enjoy what's most important to us, such as our family, our careers and the ways we reach people with Christ's love. It's like growing up in the same neighborhood yet we're all over the world! Let's build this community together by engaging with one another. That's what families do. We have 3 connection points. Pick one, or all points of connection, so that we can get to know you.  We are also passionate about spiritual growth and love to dream together. We seek to constantly dream up new ways to create and explore uncharted avenues that share the love of Christ. Then, we work to make those dreams a reality. The time is now for God's people, all across the world, to get synced and labor together. Let's sync His global church through the internet. Subscribe to our email list for updates and newsletters by clicking the button below.

We love using photography and scriptures. One of our biggest impacts is our live devotionals by Pastors, Missionaries, Ministry Leaders and Entrepreneurs from around the world. Although we do use Twitter, Snapchat and Steller, our most active connection points are these 3 below. Click on them and get connected.

Facebook allows us to connect with you through our page.

We also post some of the instagram photographers that we feature and we upload the live devotionals on there as well. 

Instagram has allowed us to build our community of photographers and creatives.

We feature people that use our hashtag. Below you'll find more details on how to get featured.

Facebook allows us to stream live from all over the world.

Our vision is global and we have Christian leaders around the globe sharing on our stream.

Our live devotional video broadcasts are short! They're about 5 minutes long so you can watch them during your work break! If you ever miss one of our live broadcasts, you can watch them on our Facebook page. We also archive and organize them here on our website! You'll be encouraged by Pastors, Missionaries, Ministry Leaders and Entrepreneurs from around the world! It's amazing to see how God is moving through His people all over the world!

Click the "LIVE" button below to watch our archived video broadcasts.


Our current hashtag is #SyncedCulture

1. Use our hashtag and tag us on social media to spread the message of oneness. It's also a way we can discover you. 

2. Leaders who want to make history, take initiative! If you would like to host a gathering in your city, reach out and engage with us on social media. Tell us your story and why you would like to host one in your city.

3. Pray that the body of Christ would be of one heart and one soul. Start by connecting with other believers in your town who don't go to your church. Discus the topic of unity and how you can be a catalyst for it in you city. Then tell us your story through social media by tagging us. We love to feature stories! 


Let's reshape Culture with Gospel! make history with us. be A catalyst for unity. Tell your story. it will stay on the internet till the end of time and echo into eternity.

Share your story with the world through your photos or videos on Instagram and Facebook. Tag and Hashtag them #SyncedCulture. 

We would love to FEATURE you and your friends.

We are One!