Faith in Culture Friday's are live biblical discussions about faith in culture by leaders around the world. We live in such a critical time in history as we see governments making dramatical changes all across the world. Changes that impact the local and global cultures. We believe that it's an important time in history to understand what our God given rights are and do everything in our power to keep those rights. It's important for us to discuss and learn from those who are working in the trenches to keep our freedom to worship our God. We feature lawyers and culture changers every Friday.  Follow our live Periscope Broadcasts for instant live access or click the button below for an archive of our Faith in Culture Friday video broadcasts. Share the knowledge on your social networks.


photo by our brother in New York. @gage_forster


This is mini series called Loosing My Religion is led by Dean Broyles who is the CEO of National Center for Law and Policy. The series is about the how U.S.A politics are slowly but surely taking away peoples religious freedoms. He has a heart to educate the people with their God given rights as well as their constitutional rights. This series is so timely. These video must be watched and please share them on all your social media networks.

Part 1

Part 3

Part 5

Part 2

Part 4