Synced Culture is creatively using digital engagement to reshape culture by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Our vision is to reshape culture by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here's why. Whoever controls the media, visuals, images, controls the future. We live in a generation who's future is being shaped by the news feeds of social media and digital engagement. It's heavily influenced by corporations with money grabbing agendas that have the finances to use celebrities to subliminally lead people to worship the idols of covetousness, vanity, fame, lust and power to name a few. Statistically speaking, because of social media, generation Z is the most depressed generation in history and yet the most "connected" digitally through technology. Jesus said, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!" Matt 6:22-23 Jesus shows us that the visuals we consume have a tremendous spiritual effect on us and on the kind of influence our lamps have on those around us. Depending on what we allow ourselves to consume visually we will either shine light or darkness. Synced Culture has been built a global army of pastors and leaders who diligently create content that's not about perverted, fake, deceitful news but rather the good news of Jesus Christ and bring it right to where people are at, on their mobile devices, the news feeds of social media and digital engagement. That is our mission field and since most of you reading this already have social accounts, we invite you to join, follow, share and engage with our online community!



Collaborate with global church leaders to saturate the internet with the gospel and lead people to Christ.






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Our mission is to collaborate with global church leaders to saturate the internet with the gospel and lead people to Christ.

We are looking at the internet as our mission field and it's extremely expansive but when the people of God come together as one, we can reshape culture. The night before Jesus was crucified, His heart and prayer for the future church was that we would "be one as the Holy Trinity is one and that we would be one with the Holy Trinity as well." John 17. Jesus desire's that we have the same closeness of community that the Trinity has and He also invites us into the Trinity relationship. These verses are what anchor our purpose and give us hope in unity the global church as one for a greater cause than ourselves. We believe that if God used Gideon and the 300 to take over a kingdom, we as a global family can also make such an impact. Technology allows us to connect with other like-minded church leaders across the world. We may never actually meet in person but we use technology to build friendships, communicate, collaborate, strategize and be in sync with one another and with the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit, in the great commission to reach this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the ways we do this is by posting high quality engaging photography with captions that are life giving and soul searching, through blogs that challenge the effects of social media and idolatry and through livestream devotions by leaders around the world. Be sure to follow our social accounts and turn on your notifications for our accounts so that you never miss one of our livestream devotions. Click this link for an archive of past livestream videos by Pastor and Leaders from around the world. Synced Culture Devotional Videos.  




Inspire 1 million people to reshape their local culture by the gospel

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Our goal is to inspire 1 million people to reshape their local culture by the gospel.

Jesus said "the things you see me do, you will do greater things" Jesus changed the world with a team of 12 and most importantly, even more than miracalous signs is that we get to share the gospel. We believe discipleship can happen online but most importantly should be applied on a local level and the soul of a Christian grows closer in the knowledge of God the Father through the local church. To take a step further for our generation, the internet is giving us access to relationships with not only rural towns in our country but even third world countries across the world. The internet, social media and digital engagement is being used for all kinds of evil these days. We are proactively doing everything we can to redeem that for the purpose spreading the gospel and discipleship on a global scale. With today's technology, godless people influence millions. That's why our first goal is to inspiring 1 million people to reshape their local culture by the gospel. Not only on a digital level but most importantly on a local level. Although we are a global online community, we are empowering leaders around the world to host their own Synced Culture gatherings by linking arms with the local church and strategizing on a local level to reshape their cities and towns by the gospel. We invite you to join our historical movement and mission online and to come to one of our next gatherings! Remember, because of the gospel of Jesus, we are one!


Bible in a year

We invite you to read the bible in a year along with the Synced Culture Community across the world in 2019! Make this the year that you committed to seeking God through His word. Best part of it all, we’ll do it together! Get the full details by clicking the button bellow!

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