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Read the bible in a year along with us!

As the years go by, humanity advances, and technology evolves. Although there are great advantages to this, there’s also great effects from this. The digital world takes hold of our time and keeps us distracted from what really matters: authentic connection with God and others. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to “Love God and Love Others.’ One of the ways we can love God is by investing in our relationship with Him by spending time with Him. Just like in any relationship, understanding each other’s hearts is key. Reading our Heavenly Father’s words in the Bible helps us understand His heart and purpose for humanity. We are so passionate about this and that’s why we have leaders across the world teaching the bible through our livestreams and IGTV. Today we are making a global invitation to read the bible in a year along with our community across the world! That’s right, God’s heart for you is that you be people of the word and that’s why we are inviting you and your friends to read the one-year bible along with us. We want you to be a part of the #BibleTribe! We challenge you to give up about 15 minutes a day to read God’s word because it will change our lives. We will all be going through the same bible plan in 2019 starting on the 1st of January. Community is part of God’s plan for His people and we want to do whatever we can on our end to help us all stay connected during this new season of Synced Culture. We will feature some of your stories of how God is speaking to you on our Instagram & Facebook stories. We will also invite you to be part of a closed Facebook group that’s specifically for those who are taking on this #BibleTribe challenge and want to grow with our family across the world. There are 2 ways to do this bible plan. You can order a Leather/Soft Cover Bible in a Year or do the same free digital version from The Bible App. We highly recommend the physical bible plan because, as we know, when we read the bible through our devices, distractions such as notifications, alerts, reminders etc. interrupt us right when God is speaking through His word. If you do decide to use the digital version, we advise you to put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb. If you’re reading this and it’s already February, May, or even November, No problem! You can jump right in on this date and start reading the plan right where we all are. It’s never too late to start! To wrap it up, if you’re tired of struggling with your walk with Christ, with life, relationships, selfishness or even idolatry and you’re ready to get grounded in God’s word, make that decision now! Read the one-year Bible along with us. Below is a list of actions steps on how to get started.

Leather/Soft Cover Bible

You can order a Leather or Soft Cover Bible that has the plan laid by date. Our founder uses this everyday with His children and it has transformed his life as a child of God, husband, parent and leader. Order yours now so you can start with us on January 1st, 2019! If you’re reading this after the year already started that’s ok. You can start any day. If you take this challenge, remember to click the third link below to join our #BibleTribe Facebook Group and see how God is speaking to others in our community. It’s a great way to connect with others in our community and meet other like-minded people. Click on the button below which will take you to Synced Culture’s Amazon’s page where you will find both options.

Digital Bible App Plan

You can also do the 1 Year Bible reading plan digitally through You Version’s Bible App. It’s free! If you download it now, make sure you start the plan on January 1st, 2019 to follow along with our global community. If you’re starting at any other time in the year, pick up right where we are! You can find out what date we’re on by going to our Instagram or Facebook stories. If you take this challenge, remember to click the third button below to join our #BibleTribe Facebook Group and see how God is speaking to others in our community. It’s a great way to connect with others in our community and meet other like-minded people. Note, this digital plan doesn’t require that you have the App. It’s also available on the web. Having the App does make it easier to access the plan right from your phone and it keeps track of your daily progress. If you choose to do that, we suggest you download the Bible App first, create a free account and then click the following link to The One Year plan. Click on the button below which will take you directly to The Bible App plan where you can download The One Year Bible.

Bible Tribe Facebook Group

If you’ve made the decision to change your faith lifestyle by reading The 1 Year Bible daily, join our #BibleTribe Facebook Group! This is a place where you can connect with others in the Synced Culture Community who are like-minded and have a passion to read and understand God’s word! Join now, let’s encourage one another in this process! To join our closed group, click the button bellow and request to be added to our group.

#BibleTribe Interactive

We really wanted to make this an interactive experience for those who are reading the bible in a year. Outside of our Facebook Group, we want to hear from you and feature your experiences throughout the year. It’s super simple. Get in the rhythm of sharing from time to time on your Instagram Stories and Instagram Post a verse, section or chapter that God spoke to you through and also tell us how. This will encourage your sphere of social media friends with the word of God and hopefully even inspire them to read the bible in a year with you! Always end your post by encouraging them to follow @SyncedCulture and join in with you to read the bible in a year. Let them know to go to Synced Culture’s Instagram for details on how to join. We will try and feature as many as we can. In order for Instagram to allow us to feature your stories on our stories you will have to follow these simple steps. Always tag @SyncedCulture and use these 2 hashtags, #SyncedCulture & #BibleTribe.

Sign up for this Bible in a Year challenge through email as well. We will verify your email when you request to join the closed Facebook Group. We’ll also send you specific #BibleTribe updates and community stories to help us all be encouraged! Fill out this form and then watch the video below!

We are eager to see what God will do in our lives by simply following these spiritual disciplines together as one global family! We are one!

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